AUDT Token
Description and functionality of the AUDT Token

Token Generation Event

The genesis of the AUDT Token contract began with ZERO mint. As events occur, triggered by additional contracts, additional AUDT will be minted.
The initial supply of AUDT minted will be up to 250,000,000. In most cases, all minting occurs when claims are made.
The AUDT Token contract address is 0xb90cb79b72eb10c39cbdf86e50b1c89f6a235f2e
The following contracts will trigger calls to mint AUDT:

Sale Address

The sale contract is deployed for for economic entities, accountants, auditors, service providers and data subscribers. All actors on the Auditchain Protocol are required to obtain AUDT in order to access and pay for services. A total of up to 15,000,000 AUDT can be called to be minted from the AUDT Token contract. Initial minting from the sale contract is subject to vesting which is also a part of the sale contract.

Claim Contracts

Contracts have been deployed that allow users who are entitled to AUDT to make claims. The following contracts allow claims to be made:
  • Initial Claims for Early Adopters - 15,000,000 AUDT
  • Vesting Claims for Early Adopters - 15,000,000
  • Staking Contracts - 45,000,000
  • Vesting for Sale Contract - 11,250,000
  • Vesting for Team - 25,833,333
  • Vesting for Advisers - 25,833,333
  • Vesting for Partnerships - 25,833,334
  • Vesting for Bounties - 12,500,000
  • Claims by Treasury - 70,000,000
The total amount of the initial supply that is minted through claims is 250,000,000. Claims may be made for up to, (i) 15,000,000 minted to adopters in a private sale, (ii) 30,000,000 minted to early adopters, (ii) 70,000,000 minted and held in treasury, (iii) 45,000,000 minted in connection with staking (iv) up to 25,833,333 minted to the team, (v) up to 25,833,333 mintable to advisors, (vi) up to 25,833,334 mintable to partners and providers of applications and services and (v) 12,500,000 mintable in connection with bounties.

Minting Through Settlement

The EVC calls the minting function of the AUDT Token contract. The EVC is the factory contract that outputs engagement contracts between each enterprise and its cohort of validators. The EVC is capable of six separate categories of assurance. At launch, each cohort for each category of assurance will require a minimum of 3 validators. This can be changed through on-chain governance.
The number of AUDT minted for each validation by a cohort is set at launch and can be changed through on-chain governance. The figure below illustrates which actor undertakes the liability for settlement of a validation and is based on attestation levels and abstentions by validators. For the purposes of illustration, we assign a value of 1 to a payment.
Attestation Level
AUDT is decremented from the account of an enterprise for each validation and is initially set to match the amount minted from the AUDT Token contract to each validator. The number of AUDT minted to each of the validators is set by the community of AUDT holders through governance.
Please be sure to review our whitepaper to gain a better understanding of the Auditchain Protocol and how additional AUDT is minted.
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