Pacioli Logic and Rules Engine
Toolkit for Pacioli: a decentralized validation network for scrutinizing and auditing digital financial report models.

Pacioli Infrastructure

Pacioli is a logic and rules engine and toolkit that is purpose built and understands global standard XBRL-based digital financial report models and reports. Pacioli is built on SWI PROLOG which is an open and free cloud-based PROLOG environment. Both API and GUI interfaces are available for Pacioli. One GUI implementation available is an XBRL-based financial report verification toolkit, see Pacioli Power User Tool
Pacioli is the heart of the Auditchain Protocol infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI) based financial report creation, verification, checking, and information extraction based on a proven standard and robust logic programming engine, ISO PROLOG.
Pacioli is a decentralized application and provides the Pacioli Node Infrastructure for Pacioli Node Operators. Pacioli leverages the open source Arelle XBRL processor and validation is provided for the base specification of XBRL 2.1, Dimensions, Inline XBRL, Generic Linkbases, Unit Types Registry, U.S. SEC Edgar Filer Manual, IFRS Global Filing Manual and HMRC, CIPC and ESMA Filing Checks.

Pacioli Toolkit

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