Overview of Luca Suite

Financial and Operational Disclosure Automation Infrastructure

The Luca Suite is the basis for, and is the first implementation of the forthcoming Standard Business Report Model "SBRM" specification at Object Management Group "OMG".

SBRM is a bi-directional, structured data agnostic interchange specification developed by Auditchain Labs AG and supported by a wide variety of other OMG member organizations.

Luca is comprised of financial and operational disclosure automation infrastructure that is suitable for issuers of digital assets.

The Luca Suite features logical constraints to achieve accurate, truthful and compliant structured financial disclosure development.

Luca enables the creation of:

  • Machine-Readable Crypto Asset White Papers

  • Internal Controls over Financial Reporting

  • Machine-Readable Financial Reporting Models

  • Machine-Readable Financial Statements

  • Machine-Readable Reporting, Audit and Analysis Process Controls

Model Based Automation

Financial and operational disclosure is a time consuming manual process. Luca enables the assembly of knowledge and logic based financial reporting models that are re-used for automating financial disclosure every reporting period.

Model based assembly automatically picks terms and definitions from USGAAP, IFRS and most other reporting scheme taxonomies. Model assembly constrains financial report logic, data and structure. Tagging is automated and accurate which eliminates inconsistencies that are common in most structured disclosure development.

Best of all, you can't make mistakes because Luca is the expert so you don't have to be.

Some of the benefits of a model based approach include:

  • Repeatable production

  • Substantial reduction of preparation time

  • Streamlined automation

  • Effective internal controls over financial disclosure

  • Reduced external audit costs

Non Technical Users

All the complexity inherent in structured financial data disclosure is under the hood in a similar way that website content management systems use HTML and CSS constraints under the hood to automate site development so you don't have to be a developer.

You do not need to be a structured data expert or a developer to create beautiful high quality machine-readable crypto asset white papers or accurate and compliant financial and operational disclosures.

Using the Luca Suite means that CFAs can now extract and aggregate accurate and consistent financial statement data that has rich meaning and context.

The user guide contains all the information and video tutorials you need to get started!

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