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Resources for understanding, implementing and automating modern accounting, reporting, auditing, and analysis model assemblies and processes in a decentralized environment.

About This Volume

This knowledge base is under constant upgrades and improvements. It is the evolution of many years of study and practice.

The Auditchain Protocol is a decentralized version of proven methods and applications using global standards for the computation and articulation of changes in state for economic entities.

You are free to use any of the controls in the financial reporting schemes below as they are open source. We make no representation on the functional objective of these controls and give no warranties.

Accounting, Reporting, Auditing, and Analysis in a Digital Environment

Theory, Framework, Method, Principles

What is conspicuously lacking in most people's mind is a broad framework let alone a theory on how to think about digital financial reporting. We provide that framework and theory.

Technical Implementation Details

The following are technical details used to implement XBRL-based digital financial reporting using theory, framework, method, and principles.

Financial Reporting Schemes

Human-readable and machine-readable financial reporting schemes are implemented using the good practices method. This machine readable metadata is used within the Luca Suite and the Pacioli logic and Reasoning Engine to constrain rules-based artificial intelligence for articulating financial and operational state.

Fundamental Accounting Concepts

Fundamental accounting concepts relations continuity cross checks.

Learning about XBRL-based Digital Financial Reporting

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