Early Adopters
Functional Specifications for Early Adopters


Early adopters represent a total of 30,000,000 AUDT for $2,500,000. They may claim 15,000,000 AUDT (50% ) by connecting here with their Metamask wallet address. The remainder is locked in the vesting contract for one year which can be accessed here.
Vesting of the remaining 15,000,000 AUDT for all early adopters occurs equally, every day over 366 days from the date they received their AUDT. Early adopters may claim any or all vested amounts from the vesting contract during the vesting period.
Those who are entitled to vesting can access their vesting statement and claiming dashboard here.

Vesting Bonus for Early Adopters

Early adopters will receive a bonus equal to 50% of the total AUDT distributable to them. The bonus is payable on day 366. The bonus is calculated in the following manner:
The bonus is designed to incentivize long term behavior. The bonus is reduced if claims are made on any vested amount prior to the expiration of the vesting period.
Example: Alice bought 2000 AUDT. She received 1,000 upon distribution and has 1000 AUDT in the vesting contract. She is entitled to a bonus of an additional 1000 AUDT if she leaves the vested amount in the contract unclaimed until day 366. If Alice makes a claim on day 366, she will receive a total of 2,000 AUDT. If Alice claims 500 during the vesting period and leaves 500 in the contract, she will only receive a total of 1,000 AUDT on day 366. Therefore her bonus was reduced to 500 AUDT as the result of claiming 500 AUDT prior to the expiration of the vesting period.
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