Individuals who have made significant contributions to Auditchain over the years and continue to contribute to this project.
This knowledge base is the basis of an ecosystem that we hope will incentivize and motivate the world's CPAs, Chartered Accountants, CFOs, Controllers and CFAs to contribute to the virtual machine and move the profession toward automation and true transformation.
Before we begin, we wish to recognize some of the folks who have made significant contributions to the institution of accountancy, this project, and specifically, to this knowledge base.
Digital financial reporting is a relatively new science. Believe it or not, modern financial reporting and Bitcoin are relatively the same age. Just before Satoshi Nakamoto was launching Bitcoin in 2008 and 2009, Charles Hoffman, a CPA from Tacoma, Washington in the USA was cooperating with a few US regulatory agencies to launch a new syntax for communicating accounting and financial reporting data in a machine readable way: XBRL, "eXtensible Business Reporting Language". XBRL is now a global standard in over 60 jurisdictions for financial and business reporting.
We wish to recognize Charlie for his significant contribution to this knowledge base and for his service as Product Manager for Auditchain. It is Charlie's work that has been at the center of the financial reporting world for public company financial reporting.
As we move forward, it is our goal and the goal of the DCARPE Alliance Association to decentralize and automate the science of accounting, audit, analysis and financial reporting as well as educate, motivate and incentivize business professionals to join us on the journey toward transformation.
We also wish to thank the following individuals who have made significant contributions to Auditchain over the years and continue to contribute to this project:
Scott Price, CPA, CISA, CIA - Founder and CEO of Align. Scott received the first call in 2017 after that eureka moment and became the first member of the DCARPE Alliance Association.
Andrew Noble, PNA BBus - Founder of LodgeIT
Christian Dreyer, CFA - Board Member of XBRL Switzerland and former CEO of CFA Society Switzerland
Bogdan Fiedur - Lead Blockchain Engineer, Auditchain Labs AG
Chris Jastrzebski - Front End UX/UI, Auditchain Labs AG
Stuart Haber PhD. - Former Chief Scientist, Auditchain and Co-inventor of the first chain of blocks. Cited three times with Scott Stornetta in the Bitcoin Whitepaper. Could be the real Satoshi.
Eric Cohen, CPA - Co-founder XBRL
To all who have financially supported this project and stuck it out through thick and thin. We are humbled by your patience and have been working feverishly to deliver true disruption.
We especially want to thank our detractors. You know who you are. Without you, we would never have mustered the determination to win!
We will be constantly updating this repository so be sure to return to see our progress. If you are a CPA, Chartered Accountant, CFO, Controller or a CFA, join us on the journey into the future of financial disclosure and assurance. This volume will become your new best friend.
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